This post celebrates the first anniversary of my blog, since December 30th. The celebration is almost close to a new year, so that is right for me to do this celebration. I don’t have any special photos that commemorates the first anniversary, but instead I used my previous photos from my previous posts to show my highlights.

magazine1_wmHighlight #1: Creating a Fake Magazine Cover

One of my highlights is by making a fake magazine cover using Photoshop. It is a tough thing to do since you need to edit, crop, and getting the background out from the picture. Also, the quality and clarity of the image must be sharp and clear.

nendo_on_fire_wmHighlight #2: Using a Desktop Image as Backdrop.

I have used this technique because something has entered my mind that time. After reading a tutorial about backdrops, I have outputted this result. Since the background is fiery and it is nighttime, I have turned the room lights off and I have took the photograph of it.


Highlight #3: Using the Tablet Camera’s Blurring Feature

While there are many apps out there for phones and tablet camera, I have finally used the app of my tablet camera which features blurring the background. I am still learning on how to use it properly, although I have used it many times in some photographs, but not very often.


Highlight #4: Learning to Create Memes

There are lot of memes in the Internet. Some are properly used, while others are not. Because of that, I have learned on how to create memes, based from TV shows, songs, as well as other media.

Those are the only highlights for the year. If you want more, you can explore the posts in my blog. And now, time for the reactions.

My First Anniversary doesn’t look good for me. Although I have presented a lot of photo shots both on my Instagram and this blog, I can’t feel the good times. My photos are sometimes bad and are out of sharpness and angle. My photos are also bad because it sometimes has backgrounds which is not relevant to the photo’s theme (just like my mother said that unnecessary background can ruin my photography). And finally, they are bad because not because I have a bad camera (I only use tablet camera), but the way I took the photos of it. I just making all things and myself easier and lazy, so that is why some of my photographs are bad.

Those are the things, however, made me sad. I have shown everything I have got through my first year of experience. The reason that my photos are sometimes bad is because of the lack of photography resources (like diorama, etc.). Also, the poses of my figures are just limited, which makes my photography limited and impossible (that’s my opinion!). There are times that I look so lazy and that is why I can’t think properly of a theme which is suitable to the figure. I see my other friend’s works that are professional-looking. I know that looking at the others’ works while comparing to my work makes me more down and depressed. I envied at them, but that does not mean I am gonna stop or quit. Quitting is not the solution for me, but I just need to put my photographs to its more effort.

I hope that I can still improve even if the new year has started. For the next year, I will strive to improve my photography of my figures this time. For now, I need some encouragement from others so that I could stand up to fight.


One thought on “First Anniversary of my Blog Plus Highlights and Reactions

  1. happy anniversary to your blog! Keep it up and I’m sure you’ll do even better after lots of practice. XD I’m not even there yet, most of my blog contents are random shots I feel like doing when random ideas just pop up. Hehe. Here’s to more Nendoroid photos and more years to your blog 😀

    ~ nendomeow {

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