It’s the time where I could celebrate my birthday again. I have decided to create some birthday cards for myself. The greetings are coming from the Nendoroids that I have. For the birthday messages, I wrote them to myself. Well you know, I have some imagination that can’t be explained well, so I decided to do this just to make me happy. The following images are posted below, so try reading them.

I have done these photographs in two parts. The first part is daytime and I have done photographs of five of my nine Nendoroids in hand. The rest of them are done in the second part, which is in nighttime.

I have discovered that these greeting cards that I made can be used to others who have birthdays that time! I have done these just somehow, for fun.


Staying strong so that I could never lose to someone!


Eh…? Playing continuously can destroy my eyes!


I have no girlfriend or any relations. I hope I could find, someday.


Yes… thanks!


I will do my best!


That sometimes happen… Being happy while crying a lot.


I am enjoying my happy life until the rest of my days…


That could be fun… I don’t mind calling me on that name.


I just keep smiling and singing, and rocking as I let go off my sad moments!

Ending Post

I have created these birthday cards featuring Nendoroids just to make me happy. I know that this could be done once per year, but I know that a simple greeting can make the birthday celebrant happy.


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