In this post, I will show you my top ten Nendoroids on my wishlist as of this year 2014. This is according to the number of pictures that I have seen on Instagram or other media-sharing sites. I know that I don’t know some of them, but I hope that I can share to you my favorites. I have seen them, but I have never tried or planned buying them. The following Nendoroids are listed below with pictures, and are arranged in descending order, from 10 to 1 (they are arranged according to my liking, where 1 is my very favorite).

** The images used below are courtesy of Good Smile Company.

10-406a10. Miss Monochrome (Miss Monochrome: The Animation)

This black-and-white-colored cutie has caught my attention while browsing. Despite the cute looks, she has some awesome accessories, like the miniature Nendoroid box. Oh, and she is good to use for some photoshoots, especially for outdoors. You can also mix her parts to other Nendos that you currently have for some awesome results! Somehow, I like her because of her hairstyle. To tell you the truth, I like twintails hairstyle for Anime girls like her.


9. Iona (Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-)

I am not familiar with the series yet, but this girl catches my view when I see her preview pictures. She has some parts which look so futuristic, and the style has suited my favoritism. She has a flat hair, in fact I can use an accessory to make some style. Oh, and I like the color combination of blues, and I like that dress.


8. Flonne (Disgaea)

Haven’t tried playing or seeing Disgaea series, but this cute blondie has distracted me by her cute looks, especially the one of her funny face expressions. The clothes/dress was fantastic, and somehow it can be used by other female Nendos in hand.


7. Chitoge Kirisaki (Nisekoi)

This cute blondie is somehow the Nendoroid that tries to be attractive. Why she was on my list? Maybe it is because some of her poses are exhibiting/making a ‘selfie’ pose (like that picture displayed). Somehow, she is suitable for making a photography with other objects, like food, and even outdoors like gardens. The expressions can be used when you try to put more than one Nendo in your pictorial shot, like for example, making an argument or drama acting.


6. Shimakaze (KanColle)

This cutie based on a battleship is somehow never stopping to attack me with cannons. Despite her cute and alluring looks, she comes with some parts that recreates imagination of the fans. Oh, and I saw some photography in which I see something NSFW-ish. So, better use it with caution… especially me.


5. Super Sonico: Working Set (SoniAni)

I have never noticed that Super Sonico figure series are expanding larger and larger. I haven’t seen the Anime yet.

Back to the topic. This Nendoroid figure is somehow catchy. I like the maid uniform dress that she wears. And, she comes with an extra body part that is so sexy. Somehow, I can use to photoshoot her in a miniature restaurant or cafe with the other Nendos. The only problem is that I don’t have any miniatures or something (maybe I could try something else…)! The highlight of this Nendoroid figure is the sexy body part. Somehow, it can be used by other Nendoroids just for fun. So far, she is the only Nendoroid that I like because of that sexy body.


4. Hatsune Miku: Halloween Ver. (Vocaloid)

This Halloween version of Hatsune Miku is somehow good, especially when it comes to Halloween-themed photoshoots. I have seen a lot of photoshoots of her and the theme is Halloween (Of course it is Halloween that time!). Why she is on my list? Maybe it is because I can use her for some Halloween greetings! I realized that this Nendo has some limitations — you can only use her in Halloween! But no. I know that she has some other uses, besides of being a Halloween-themed Nendoroid.


3. Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill)

This wonderful Nendoroid has given me several reactions. I have seen a lot of photographs involving her (sometimes her parts and face are mixed) and I am quite impressed. Mako’s expressions/poses can be changed randomly, thus producing a lot of photograph results.


2. Red (Pokemon)

Pokemon is my favorite game in my childhood. Red has reached top number two in my wishlist. I have seen a lot of photos in Instagram which involve him. I know that the ‘Pokemon collectors’ out there have been awakened, and somehow used their ‘miniature’ Pokemon collectables that they have to photoshoot with Red.


1. Yoshino (Date A Live)

The second character that appeared in Date A Live series has become a Nendoroid! That cute face (as well as the other cute funny face expression) has caught my attention. Yoshino was the so-popular and demanding Nendoroid figure and in fact her selling price is so high! I don’t know why Yoshino, these days, is so popular. The only problem that fans face when they buy this is the coloration defect. This has put me into a bit of discouragement of buying her because of that reason. Overall, Yoshino was the top one because she is an all-around Nendoroid, and can be photographed whether it is on indoors or outdoors.

Concluding Post

That was a long post. I hope that you enjoyed reading and seeing my favorites! I think I can do this next time someday. After making this, just to ask fans out there: Who are your top ten Nendoroids that you like for this year 2014?


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