In this post, I will show you my recent Instagram photo posts as of November 2014. My shots aren’t good, but I hope you can enjoy. Here are the following posts. Then I have made a comment/note on them.


1. How am I going to ride this thing? The only thing I know how to ride is a horse! – Date

Basically, I want to take photos of them with an automobile. The only side comment is that a Nendoroid cannot fit inside a 1/24 scale automobile. My intention was really not to fit a Nendoroid inside a car, but just only the reason to showcase it. I was really planning to turn that 1/24 scale automobile into something. Do you know itasha? Itasha is a car customized with Anime-themed decals/designs, and I wish doing that to my 1/24 scale car… someday.


2. Seems Ricca wants to cuddle with cats. Nyan~

My second photo post for November 2014 was somehow good. This photo shows that cute cats can give people some joy. But remember that if you have allergies, it is not recommended that you touch or cuddle them. You will sneeze continuously if you sniff the furs.


3. Watch out! Here comes the eggplant rider!

The photo shown above is Neptune, taking some selfie while laughing and crossing her eyes out. What she didn’t know that the eggplant rider (Gackpoid) is behind her, thus ready to get and kill her! In the Hyperdimension Neptunia game and Anime series, Neptune hates eggplants, as well as the smell of it.


4. My current collection of Hyperdimension Neptunia Series…

This photograph shows my current Neptunia collection. Yeah, and I know that there are fans out there who has greater collection than mine (I am envious seeing some). I have a recent post here that tackles about my Neptunia game experience. See my posted article, Hyperdimensional Game Experience.


5. Game Over man! “You look so cute here even you’re friggin’ dead! Hahaha!” – Date “I’m pounded by that Dogoo… It’s your fault because you’re laughing thinking I’m gonna lose! XD” – Neptune

When I search for meme images for “Game over man!”, it has gave me some reactions. What I did is to search a ‘Game Over’ screen on the Internet. Since I am using my tablet, I used it to search some and saved it into my tablet. Getting a Game Over is a frustration for fans and gamers, since they need to restart everything — dialogues and cutscenes (unless if you can skip them), which is a hassle and you tap the button as fast as you can just to skip. But, getting this event also tells the gamers/fans a lesson in life.

I have noticed that this photo has some negative thoughts, and one time I have posted this into a group, it has received no likes. I don’t know the reason, but there is something that offends — I won’t do this anymore.


6. Let’s party… HARD!!

The only feature in this photograph is that Nyaruko (the one with white hair) is wearing Date Masamune’s helmet. I did this before in my throwback pictures in my Facebook profile. Meanwhile, two Nendoroids joined and shouted while Nyaruko said, “Let’s party… HARD!!”, as the same as Date saying, “Alright, let’s party!!”


7. What waits on the other side of the light is…

That time it was afternoon and the sun still shines bright. I used this opportunity to photograph this moment. Homura is facing on the rays of sun. I wondered why isn’t she blinded by the rays? Oh, and I like the effect the sun gives. No Photoshop tricks…

Ending Post

There are times that I always suck/fail at life, just like the photographs shown in this post. Yes, I am envious/jealous on people posting photos that are somehow better than mine. But, I know that envy/jealousy is not the solution. Somehow, I have some abilities and talent that somehow I have that other people don’t have.


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