This post tackles about my review/experience when playing this video game series.

The images never stop attacking me. It always comes into my mind when I least expect it.

This has started back around year 2012 when I was walking around the mall alone. Then this eye candy visual image has caught my attention. I said in silent, “This looks interesting. I will go and research it.” When I went back home and had typed the keywords in the images search, more colorful and appealing images have appeared. It is Anime-themed and the characters are cute and sexy. Next is that I looked for the story. When I read that it is a story about a heroine who goes on a quest to save her sister, I said to myself, “This story turns me on. The passion in me is building up to the max!” When I search more for images, this is where I got hooked to this series: to the Hyperdimensional Game called ‘Neptunia’.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Series (Choujigen Game Neptune) is a series of video games created by Idea Factory and Compile Heart. The first game was released around year 2010. The game is about the personification/anthropomorphism of different game consoles and companies, and they were set in the world called Gamindustri. The success of the first Neptunia video game has spawned sequels, spinoffs, as well as manga and a TV Anime adaptation.

When I picked up and played Neptunia mk2 in September 2012, this is where my journey starts up. Nepgear is the first character that I have seen and met, and before playing that game, she had become my favorite character. I would never get to know the other characters in the series if I have never met or seen her (from the beginning when I was walking alone in the mall area looking for some stuff). I have been through to that game filled with drama, as well as encountering some funny side events. Also, I tried grinding up levels before battling bosses or superbosses. I have completed the game in True Ending in my first playthrough. Then, I have repeated the game many times to get the other endings, as well as completing the trophy set.

While waiting for the sequel to come out, I tried playing the first game (the one that comes before mk2). When I played it, I have become uncomfortable with the battle system and controls. But for me, somehow, the storyline/plot is very far from mk2, because the story is somehow parallel, and has no relation (That is why that game has to have a remake). From my experience, Neptunia mk2 is the starting point of the fandom of the series. When Neptunia Victory came, I somehow came to that sequel prepared.


 Neptune: Oh, nuts! I have to restart my game to the last checkpoint and I have to read the long dialogues again! This is the frustrating part of the game… No battle restarting!

Neptunia Victory was the next video game I have played after discontinuing to play the first one in the series. Somehow, the battle system was almost the same as in mk2, this time it features a lot of partner attacks, as well as introducing the new attack system, the EXE Drive. The game also features the Scout System, wherein they will look for new dungeons, as well as triggering some modifications like increasing experience, money, etc. There is a time in which I have encountered an unexpected ‘Game Over’ wherein I had entered a dungeon which I had found out that it is a high-level dungeon. Because of this, I have experienced a lot of slowdowns in story/game progress and I have forced to grind the characters’ levels as high as I can before heading to the event boss. In mk2, once you have reached level 99 or if you are at your 90’s, almost all of the enemies/bosses can’t even touch you. In Victory, the strength that you need to take out the superbosses takes more than level 99. There are add-ons out there that breaks the max level cap and use that to take advantage especially on the final boss on the True Ending. I have completed the trophy set for about a year and a half (maxing out Lily Ranks on every character is the time consuming part). My only word is that Victory is a lot more challenging than mk2.


My current collection of the Neptunia Series

As the saga continues, I tried different things besides playing Neptunia series. First is making Photoshopped pictures of the characters and I have used the official stock images found on the Internet. Second is to make a not-so-pretty fan art of them. Finally: Posting a Nendoroid photography which involves only Neptune (sometimes I put her with the other Nendoroids coming from the other series). With regards to the acquiring of Nendoroid Neptune, I had bought her from a certain shop that sells a lot of Japanese Anime figures, whether exclusive or not. It seems that this Nendoroid is very rare and exclusive, and she was bundled with the seventh volume of the TV Anime. From this time on, I must really need to take good care… of her.


Neptune: Oh, is that me singing?

And so, my fandom for this series still continues. Not only I expect some new and incoming Neptunia games, but also I expect some unexpected figures of them.

So far, as of my experience, I would become embarrassed if someone (who don’t know Anime), sees me playing a video game with a bunch of female characters on the screen. That someone will say, “What the heck? Why are you playing that video game which is so girly?” To explain, this is, however, the same as to boys/men who view sexy women in the men’s magazine. The games somehow aimed at adult male Otakus, and to fans who are somehow fond of Bishoujo (pretty girl) genre. Also, it features some fan service, which is somehow, for me, a marketing strategy of some Anime producers.

That’s it for now! I hope that you enjoy reading (as well as looking at the photos) about of what I have experienced in this series. So far, I got a growing collection of them, although that I have only few. Their feelings have reached me, so I started playing this series!


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