I have missed a lot of shot moments (like the Halloween theme for example) since that time I wasn’t able to think or to have time to make props or accessories for the theme. But next time I might do it, like for example to make one of the Nendoroid figures holding a flag.

In this post, I have shown a group shot of my Nendoroid figures. Take note that the photo is taken during nighttime and I have used some lightings.


Also, in this photo, I have used different expressions to them. Majority are in their happy faces while the others are serious or shy.

I have tried posing them with their weapons in combat mode (except one which has no weapon at all). Since I have no props like diorama, my photography is simple and limited. This is in fact that I just took the photo of them just for fun or showoff.

Now, this is the time for me to make a move — I must build props (or utilize some inside the house). Also, I must think of a year theme which celebrates the first year of my blog… Well, time for a refreshment!


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