The Collection of Art & Visual Expressions or CAVE was held by iACADEMY Open House last October 18, 2014. That event tackles about any visual arts of any kind like paintings, animation, and even photography. Figure display was also made in that event. It was a part of it because you took the picture of your favorite Anime figure and it is considered as photography, a part of a visual art.




CAVE also demonstrates on how skilled and talented artists create their own works and animation. Also, there is a part there in which an animator demonstrates on how to animate and draw pictures. And he tries to create an art commission like making a ‘Simpson’ version of yourself.




For Anime and real life figures, they are considered art since they express something which is art, like their facial expressions as well as how they are posing and their background of expression like nature.



As a participator (guest), I brought my figures for display. I had brought many of them, but only I have displayed some of them because I know that there are still more participants like me to display.


The Hall of Armor Case is awesome!

So how did I found out iACADEMY and the CAVE event? I found out this through a certain group in Facebook that I’m currently joining. I saw a post containing this. The location and venue are okay, so I decided and volunteered to join. I know that this could be an opportunity so I don’t waste time and I decided to grab it.



In conclusion, the CAVE event was awesome. I have participated and at the same time learned something new. I have learned that art is something that you can express, whether it is good or bad and it is just depending on the person who will use it.


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