I have decided to post some of my photos from my Instagram account. Now, I will show you some of my top ten shots featuring the Nendoroids.

The order is arranged from descending order (10 to 1 as you scroll down and it is arranged according to the number of likes).

Photo Number 10: The Monsters are Outside of the TV Screen!


This photo features Nendoroid Neptune and the two other Gashapon figures, DarkKnightmon and Greymon. Neptune was playing a video game which features versus monster fighting. Then, the two monsters came out and they were eventually fighting outside of the TV screen.

Just imagine that you are playing a video game wherein your characters are in front of you and you hold your controller to control them. That happens if your eyes are turning red… Just joking.

Photo Number 9: Hate Pink? You are Dead.


Featuring Akemi Homura, she is placed on a pink background. That is somehow similar to the color of Madoka‘s pink ribbon.

Do boys love pink color? If no, then you are dead in Homura’s hands.

Photo Number 8: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor


After hearing the song titled Bodies by the heavy metal band Drowning Pool, something has entered in my mind. I searched through Google Images and entered “Let the bodies hit the floor.” The result is that I saw some memes about it. So then, I decided to create my own “meme” which feature Nendoroids who were beaten down by a single one.

Photo Number 7: Tough Guys Like Pink


Same as photo number 9, but this time this features Nendoroid Date Masamune in background. Oh, and it is true that tough guys should like pink.

Photo Number 6: A Plagiarism Quote


Because of the plagiarism controversy that happened recently in the group that I am currently joined, I decided to create this photo just to remind users that plagiarism is wrong. There is a quote that I wrote in the photo and try reading it.

Photo Number 5: Let’s Henshin (Transform)!


Featuring Nyaruko and Neptune, this photo shows on how the “master” teaches these two on how to do the Henshin (transform) pose. Yes, I do really like watching Kamen Rider series, along with Anime, because Henshin poses of them are being parodied by some Anime or other TV series.

Photo Number 4: Ready for Outdoor Photoshoot!


This is just the two Nendoroids readying for their outdoor photoshoot in the beach. That time, I was setting and packing them up.

Photo Number 3: You Are Popular? You Are Going Down.


Popularity sometimes has its drawbacks. There are some haters who will crush you and put your career down. Yes, it is tough being popular.

Photo Number 2: Neptune Joins the Party


Neptune is my recently acquired Nendoroid last June (before the ToyCon 2014 happened). She is amazingly cute and I try doing photoshoots of her with the other Nendoroids and figures.

And last, finally… Photo Number 1: Beach Sighting!


This is a continuation of number 4. This is the photo that has received more likes. This features the two looking at the front of the beach. The weather was not so good and it is so windy that in fact I had a hard time taking a photo of them.

My photoshoots are not that good, but I hope that you enjoy some of them. 🙂 Maybe I will post something like this next time in the future if I have enough photos to post.


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