I have been missing my photography for now, but I would like to post some throwback of my earlier pics before I started creating this blog.


I believe that doing throwbacks helps us recall of what we have done in the past. Especially if you did something memorable in the past, you will decide that you will recall it and review it. It is just like taking a piece of photo from your own photo album of yourself. Yes, and that is a throwback.


Throwback is something that you recall when you flip pages in your photo album or diary.

Before I was into Nendoroid photography, I was collecting some toys and figures of my interest which were coming from various Anime and TV shows of my interest. But, there was no photography involved. When I was influenced by my friends who were doing this technique, I was inspired so I decided to create a blog and started doing photography. The pictures that you see in this post are the earlier photo shots of my Nendoroid figures before I started this blog, and they all came from my Facebook photo album.


The pictures are a bit of choppy, since that time I don’t have photography knowledge. But then, I believe that the quality and clarity of the photo does not depend on the camera, but on the one who wields and handles it.


In the future, I continue doing photography on my Nendoroids that I have, but there is some time that I can’t do it regularly since I am doing some side projects (or sometimes lazy because of no ideas that come into my head). By continuing this, I am able to share my thoughts and words to the people around.


So that’s it! I have shown some of my throwback images. Still more? There is still more, but I can’t show it to you now. Well, I hope that you enjoyed reading and viewing this post. And in the future, I may post some more throwback pics… only from my Facebook profile! 🙂

You have noticed in my photo watermarks there is “Drifting Wind Project” written there. That is my another WordPress blog which is a portfolio of my web page creations! You can visit the Drifting Wind Project portfolio blog and check out my creations.


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