That time it was midnight so I decided to test my tablet’s camera blurring feature. This give me stress and it will not stop until I achieve it.

So what comes to my mind doing this stuff? I just wanted to test the blurring effect on the camera, as well as viewing and editing on the WP app for Android. That is what I want to accomplish.

The photos are squared meaning that they were sized for Instagram photo uploading. And it is my first time using the WordPress Android app.


So then, I tried taking few shots… But then, I realized that my lighting is poor.  My room is a bit dim, so I didn’t used any lighting for this one.


So what else did I do? I tried taking photos of various places and angles just to test something. I have observed that some parts of the subject (the figure) are blurred even if you try to put the camera closer.


Just remember that I am just experimenting with my shots (Yes, I am just using the blurring effect feature of my tablet’s camera).


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