Recently, I have went to an outing with my friends to a certain beach resort. That time, our outing is partly rainy so I wasn’t able to take enough photos of my Nendoroid figures. But also on that time, the weather was clear until I was able to take photos of them outdoors.

So what did I do that time during the outing? Of course, I took photos! I think my photos have only reached less than ten. It looks like I have missed a lot of capturing moments that I should have done. I will mention those at the end of this post.

Here are some photos that I have took inside and outside of the cottage at a certain beach resort.


My shot here is bit bad. The branches of the trees cover the scene of the beach. 😦


Here’s them facing the scene…


Hey! Don’t look at other people’s rooms!


Here’s them facing towards me…


I went a bit forward so that I could also take the picture of the beach. It was taken during the afternoon.


Taken at the cottage grounds… The scene is easy.


Taken inside the cottage room. It was bit dark so I activated the flash.


Taken inside a bathroom.


Last one, and the least… The beach scenery! This was taken after our overnight stay and we are about, that time, to pack out.

At the beach part (where they are facing), I had a bit of difficulty in making them stand because the area is bit windy and it can blow them and make them fall. I am not using their respective figure stands that time due to the reason that I would like to make them stand in the ground. When the time that there is no wind, I quickly use my camera to take their photo just before the wind struck them down.

Something That I Missed During Photoshoot

There are moments that I missed during photoshoot. These are:

1. Make them stuck in the sand

– I have been thinking of this kind of photoshoot and I wasn’t able to do this. This is due to the fact that some sand can harm my Nendo (I was worried). My technique was to take out the head and place it at the top of the pile of sand.

2. Let them stand in the rocky areas

– This photoshoot, for me, is dangerous. Letting them stand at the rock can be risky, even if you left out their stands. At the certain beach resort that we have entered, there are many large rocks at the beach side. I was suppose to do that, but my feelings told me that I shouldn’t.

Well, that’s it for today! πŸ˜€


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