Young people nowadays love playing video games, especially the online ones. But do you know that it has some side-effects on it? Yep, there are positive and negative effects of video gaming. Here is a conversation between the two Nendoroids discussing about video games.


Neptune: Masamune-san! This game is cool! Let’s go and play!
Date: I haven’t played that kind of game in my world. Sorry, I pass.

Neptune: Hmm? Are you some warlord who backs out from the battle without trying?


Date: What did you say?! I’m gonna cut everything down to your last throat!
Neptune: Whoa! XD I’m just kidding! Stop it! XD
Date: Now… back to the topic.


Neptune: Hey, you said you gonna pass.
Date: Well, I said before that I haven’t played that kind of game in my world. So, what kind of game is that?
Neptune: This is what I call console gaming! In my world, I am playing this game all day!

Date: Now I know. So that is what you call in your world. Wait a minute… That person in front was me, right?
Neptune: Yes! In fact, you are a game character! ^_^
Date: Game character… eh? This is very interesting!
Neptune: Haha… I am also a game character! Did you know that it became an Anime series due to its popularity? So it goes the same to you as well!
Date: I am also a game character who became popular and later became a part of an Anime series… INTERESTING!

Date: So, how much time do you spend playing that kind of game?
Neptune: Hmm… I didn’t manage my time very well. Maybe I was playing about 3-5 hours or beyond.
Date: … Well, so you are an addict, don’t you? It is just like you’re addicted to drugs or something.
Neptune: I am not a drug addict! I am not injected with drugs or something to play! I am just playing normally and… you know…
Date: So you are playing that game with your friends, huh? Are you inviting them?
Neptune: Yes! We are playing either cooperatively or competitively. Since I am alone, I am playing only a single-player game. I like role-playing games! ^_^

Date: So what kind of games do you play?
Neptune: There are many kinds of games to play. Whether it could be action, roleplay, racing, adventure, etc. As of mine, I play RPGs, so there is a part where you must collect all achievements — I want to get them all!!
Date: So, that is why you are addict. It is just the same for me as defeating a tough warlord in our world.
Neptune: That’s right! And I am working hard to get that achievement!
Date: Sometimes, breaks are important. Why don’t you take a rest?
Neptune: I can’t rest now! Oh, I need to beat that boss, right now-


** And the power went out
Neptune: NOOOOO! The power went out! Now, I lost my progress… T_T
Date: Ha! I think you have learned your lesson now.
Neptune: I guess I need to restart my gameplay from the last checkpoint where I saved, when the powers went on. For now, I need to rest… But wait! I can’t feel that I am tired!
Date: You are feeling the symptoms now. You are being attacked by stress and anxiety.
Neptune: … I am just thinking of the outcomes of my gameplay!
Date: (sigh) For now, try walking outside.
Neptune: Okay…


** After few hours
Date: Are you okay now? The powers have been restored.
Neptune: … I am okay!! ^_^
Date: That’s good.
Neptune: Now, I can continue to my last checkpoint in the game.
Date: Remember to control your gaming! Let me tell you something, Neptune. It is not the game who controls you. It is just your own self who controls the game and your mind.
Neptune: Yeah, and I am hearing that old quote! Thanks, Masamune-san! ^_^
Date: Well, let me join you playing that game. Alright… Let’s PARTY!


** Other Nendos joined
Neptune: Whoah! Since when they are all here?
Date: They are all here to challenge you one-on-one! That includes me!
Neptune: Interesting! I am gonna beat you all!
Date: Okay, but hey… Play responsibly, please.


** Meanwhile, Renne was playing an online game and she was becoming bored.
Renne: As of now, I am playing about 2 hours already, and the game becomes a bit boring, especially if you are grinding a level for a tons of minutes.


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