Renne: I got 100 views and… 50 likes. I have no negative comments I have received so far in my post.

It is very important to us to know of what we are posting online. The World Wide Web or the Internet is very powerful and we can see all of the information online.

It is also very important for us to think of what we are posting. Sometimes the posts that we are making are either positive or negative — it can be good or sometimes can hurt the other’s feelings. What to do to know if the post can be a positive or a negative one?

Posts has its own advantages and disadvantages. Just remember that it is you who are making the post. The post is just your servant and it just copies the things you say.

Sometimes we have to censor or to cover anything which is offensive or disturbing to others. Words which is offensive can easily hurt the reader, so it is better to omit them from your post. And for post sharing, it is important to set your privacy into a group of people whom you can only trust and not to the public. For your photos, again, you must set its privacy into a level where you and your trusted friends can only see it and not by public. Remember that there are some contents not suitable for all audiences, especially minors or children.


Renne: Are you going to check your profile?
Nyaruko: Why not? Let me check also my post online.

Making posts is like making decisions in life — you have to decide your fate. Popularity is what some people are aiming and they decide to become popular by sharing something unique to audience. Remember that there are people who were out there trying to destroy your image and they can do what it takes to destroy completely your reputation. The only thing that you must have is respect — a respect that can make people equal and the same.


Nyaruko: Oh no… What I have done… Too many harsh comments… 😦
Renne: My goodness! You are not well thinking the side-effects of your post.

The only keywords that comes into my mind when making this posts is: you, popularity, and respect.

I am not skilled in making this kind of post and by explaining this topic, but I know that there are few more topics like this can be found and be read on the Internet.


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