In this photography, I have used Ricca and Renne Nendoroid and a mirror.

Trying to see yourself at the mirror? Then you are seeing now yourself the reflection of you.

If you are seeing that there is something already wrong with you, try to look at yourself at the mirror. From there you can see the throwbacks of past. Not only that, you can also see the current you now — the future you.


Renne: What can you see yourself in future?
Ricca: That’s a hard question. I cannot predict the future.

We know that we cannot predict the future or fate of our lives. It is not predicted through horoscopes or other future-predicting techniques or instruments. As years pass by and our flow of lives are changing. For example, you are a hardcore console gamer, and few years will pass and you will become a professional photographer. Our future is determined through our decision-making and path taking. It is just on the person who will do it.


Ricca: … My reflection of myself! I can now see what’s happening in my life!
Renne: So as do I. I can already see the future me!

So are you pursuing of wanting <insert sentence here>? Never give up of your dreams. I know that it will be late, but it will come soon to you without expectations.



???: I am ready to arrive soon! — To be continued


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