In this photography, I have used three Nendoroid figures: Date, Ricca, and Gakupo. My post is about making friends, though my explanation is not perfect at all and I am not an expert.


Date: It’s okay if I don’t have friends. I can do this myself.

For some situations like big problems in life, we need friends who can help us. If not, they may not overcome their sufferings in life. That is why we need support from them. So how can we make friends? Some of us don’t know yet or they don’t have any idea on how they start making friends at each other. I have no idea, too, but I am also starting to make friends without me noticing. Sometimes, it all starts with destiny — something that you really don’t expect to come or to be planned.


Ricca: You look so cool at your battle armor! Can you tell me where are you from?

Friends are sometimes essential to some individuals who were looking for success. They can help them in setting their goals and plans in real life. So for example, if you are planning to become a chef, then you must seek advice from your friends about of what you can do besides cooking food — you must also get some useful hints and tips from them. Sometimes, if you have not gathered enough information suitable for your needs, then you have to identify them by yourself. Or if you are lucky enough, you can ask someone that is not your friend yet. Maybe you can gather enough tips and hints which is not found from your friends. So what could be the meaning of this? You can explore friend of friends so that you can gain information.


Gakupo: Wooh~! Sorry to butt in your conversation. Mind if I join in?

Sometimes, we can’t always make friends. Maybe it is because they don’t share the same interests as we have. For example, your friends’ interest is about movies and showbiz, and your interest is Anime and figures. Either you can’t talk to them or they can’t talk to you because your interests are different. Interests are also a factor so that’s why friends are divided into a billion groups. If your friends have more than one interest, and also you have more than one interest, then you may make compliment to them.


Ricca: Why are you always like that? Don’t squeeze the sadness into yourself.

There are many kinds of friends in this world. Some who are meeting by accident and some are doing it through peer pressure. Peer pressure is somehow a deeper topic, but it is a kind of friend network who forces a person to do something that they don’t want to do. There are also good and bad friends — it will just depend on the core person who does it.


Date: It is not bad having a friend, but… Even though they are not at your side, they are fighting alongside with you!

There are also turntables when you make friends at each other for a long time. That person may turn against you if you did something wrong, or may turn against you suddenly — what we call betrayal. Betrayal among friendships is the painful part, so you have to be careful on making friends who sometimes we don’t know.

It is not bad to have friends — it is just on a person who makes it either good or bad.


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