Photography: Nendoroid Random Parts Combination


They got so many Nendoroids in display. They have fun playing and taking photo with them. But aside of that, why not do something else to them? They have enough Nendoroid parts, but they sometimes don’t think about combining or mixing them.

Nendoroid parts mixing is now a trending part for Nendoroid lovers around. They use the parts and then they mix it with the other Nendoroid so that they could create a new character of their imagination. I have been hearing and seeing that trend already, but that time, there is no imaginative thing that comes into my mind. At that time, I have been studying and observing my Nendos. I have been studying all of their clothes/costumes, face parts and their hairs. Well, I have been thinking this all over and over until, I came up with a character idea.


There is also ‘mixing and painting’ your own Nendoroid, but that topic is somehow deeper and it needs to be discussed in another post. For that, it is recommended that you research and study. 🙂

Now that they have enough Nendoroids… Why not mix their parts to create a new avatar/character?


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