Photography: Boredom Resistance


Date: I can’t just stand here doing nothing!

The photo that I have shown is about focusing my shot to the Nendo figure. I just recently tested an app for my tablet in which it tries to make focus on the subject and then it blurs the background that surrounds it.

Yeah, boredom can sometimes be a sickness at home. It allows you to do nothing, but in the end, there is something you can do at all. Everyone hates to be bored— they wanted to do something in their life instead of becoming bystanders. Everyone becomes bored because everything is just repeating and repeating all over again. They are just looking for something new and interesting thus giving them a challenge.

The only thing that they can do to surpass their boredom is to just focus— focus on what they have to achieve. They will also become bored if they just stick themselves into one place.

I am sometimes becoming bored if I make photoshoots of figures which is just repeating. So, I must need to make myself focus on what to achieve, and what to output.


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