Photography: Cat Alarm


You still sleep in bed
Something is waiting ahead,
The alarm goes on and sound
A cat jumps in and pound!

This is my first time using the Good Smile’s Nendoroid More: After Parts. I just recently bought these parts from a local shop. The parts are simple and since it is my first time, I am having a hard time studying them (like which parts will be going to). For the hand parts, it doesn’t indicate which direction it should go, so I randomly put them.

I associated it with the mini alarm clock that I have. The only difficult part of this photo is to balance the figure. Since I changed the leg parts of the Nendoroid, it was difficult to balance. So, I tried to lean it with the mini alarm clock to balance well and the only caution is that I must not make any unnecessary blowing or shaking.

So what could be the photo’s message? Of what you read in the poem I wrote, it says that you must wake up early when the alarm goes on. Because if you don’t wake up when the alarm is on, the cat will go and jump at you! There is something that I am reminded of before I make this photo. In some TV Anime, a girl protagonist jumps at the top of the male protagonist thus trying to wake him up from sleep. That’s why I represented Neko(cat) Ricca as the girls who like to jump at their onii-chan (brother)’s beds waking them up from their sleep.


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