Photography: A Kid Who Never Turned Back


Look at what they did
Somebody called her a kid,
Because they made fun of her
Now they can’t escape from her

They have crossed her path
Thus building her wrath,
Draws her scythe and attack
Without turning at her back

Everybody laughed continuously
She is a kid who goes recklessly,
Fueled by embarrassment
And being attacked with harassment

If she’s not a kid, what is she?
An alien, an animal, what is she?
Of course, an adult with sharp mind
That many people don’t mind

Don’t call her a kid next time
Or you’ll be a sliced lime,
Don’t see the outside
But look at the inside.

Someone who boasts his might
Is a kid irregardless of height,
An adult who doesn’t fight back
Is not a kid who doesn’t turn back

Don’t be a fuel of violence
It will not be a sense,
Treat the same as we are
For there will be no war.

The title of this poem (or a song) that I have made is “A Kid Who Never Turned Back.” This is my first time making a poem/song in this post. I may do it next time in my future posts.


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