Photography: Stuff Toy Rider

stuff_toy_rider1_wmIn this post, this will feature Nendoroid Kamui Gakupo and he was riding something— He was riding with a stuffed toy! Yep… a stuffed toy animal!

My idea in this photography was to let a figure riding a stuffed toy animal. And this was done instead of letting him ride with his own ride— the eggplant (Gackpoid’s favorite material.). The material that I have used in this photography is the stuff toy animal, as mentioned. It was old and dusty and it was displayed somewhere in our home. So, I decided to take time and used it.

Since Nendo Gackpoid was difficult to balance and falls, I used the tail-end of his long hair and I stick it to the surface of the stuffed toy. With this technique, I was able to balance him.

stuff_toy_rider2_wmThis time, I have took a lot of shots in this since there is a lot of time for me to decide which photo that I should take. Maybe I will take photos in which the lighting is well balanced.


In this photo, something is reminding me of something. Something that I remember, but I don’t remember. It is somehow coming from an Anime, Tokusatsu, or an another show in which a main character was riding a beast as his transportation.

Another idea was coming into my mind, but this time it is a sequel to this post…


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