Photography: Scratched Car

ricca_car_wm I recently brought my Nendo and went to a friend of my brother. At the house, I know it is boring to wait, but while waiting, I was thinking of a photo shoot (Nothing is entering in my mind at that moment). When I saw a red toy car lying around, I asked permission from them and I picked it up and played it a little. The doors of it can be opened, so I played it for a while. Then, something entered in my mind that caused me to do a photo shoot. So, I decided to release my Nendo in my bag and I decided to take a photo with the toy car. The Nendo that I have used in my photo shoot is Nendoroid No. 334 Ricca Morizono, from the popular Japanese visual novel and Anime Series, Da Capo III. The toy car that I have used is only borrowed and it is not mine. It has also scratches on it, but don’t worry, I can still use it for some story-telling purposes.


(At this point, I changed her uniform part to a different one for a reason…)

It seems that Ricca enjoys taking photo shots of her with the red car. But wait… Something is not right. The car is pretty scratched. When she knows that it was scratched, she begins to change her expression.

I don’t know why she had changed her expression. Maybe because the car is scratched, so that’s why she was displeased. There is a reason why it is scratched— maybe because of an accident? There is a deeper meaning in it and it will be regarding about imagination and violence. But I will not mention it here since it is broad and it will be a separate topic.

I still took the photo with the Nendo even though the toy car is scratched. I know that everything has a meaning. Imagination is like art, so I must better use it when I can. But I just have to remember of its limitations. It can be either good or bad, and it will depend on the person who will use it.


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