Random Stuff: Theme Development with WordPress

It is been a month since I have never posted a single post about Nendoroid photography or Photoshopped stuff— I am currently on a break. It is because I am doing some other stuff which is related to work stuff— the web designing. It has become my forte, though, and I have been designing numerous web pages for now, whether it could be static or not.

Below is the screenshot of my working WordPress theme, in desktop mode.


I have been learning in the theme development called “Bootstrap” in which it was used for some website development. From the picture above, I have used the Bootstrap in which I can have several dropdown menus.

In the second screenshot below, here is its mobile version (when the browser is resized into a small version).


As you can see above, the browser was sized to small size and at the upper right, you can see the button there. When you press it, the main nav menu will go down. This is how the mobile version of the website works.

Majority of the websites use this kind of technique— resizing the browser so that you will know that the website is ‘responsive’. Yep, responsive websites are trending as of now.

Now that I have learned that in our present time, mobile and tablet browsing has become more trending as of now. I know that many web developers will learn more and experience this kind of trend. As of now, I am currently developing a WordPress theme which will help me in developing a better and responsive web page.


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