Nendoroid Photography: Silhouette on Fire

nendo_on_fire_wmVery fiery, eh? I was thinking on what kind of shot that I should make. And that is the result. I just used the desktop monitor as the backdrop/background for the Nendoroid. I searched through the image search for a fiery background. Then, I full-screened the image and I turned the lights off. And I placed the Nendoroid figure at the front of the monitor. Finally, I took this shot and this is the result. I experimented with the angles and it took me few more shots to make this one. I will call this the ‘Silhouette on Fire’ because it was on the burning flames with the silhouette (the Nendoroid) itself.

My inspiration of doing this kind of photography is because I really liked watching scenes which feature fiery scenery. The image represents somehow ‘rage’, ‘hatred’, or ‘vengeance’, as if I am just like watching action movies like The Punisher and others.


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