Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka: Light of Salvation


This is my first photography. I used Photoshop for some little editing, like putting a ‘lens flare’ on the upper-left of the photo. I also adjusted its brightness.

What describes in my picture? As you can see, the Nendoroid’s clothing color is all white and she is with the white background. She stretches out her arms thus having a meaning and that is what I called, salvation—- saving people from harm. White is usually used as a meaning of purity and perfection. So I decided to take a little photography of her not because she is pretty, but of her color combinations. Light-pink and white are a good combination because it has a meaning, and I don’t know why (I am weak in explaining complex things)… Maybe it is because light-pink and white color combinations mean beauty, purity, and perfection?

‘Light of Salvation’… That is the title because it not only save people from harm, but I know salvation has a deeper explanation in the Bible verses.


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