Nendoroid Photography: Date Masamune’s Next Opponent?


Date is standing alone outside waiting for nothing. A few minutes later, a strong wind blows and a mysterious girl appears at his back. Date was not really expecting this event.

Date: What comes to your mind doing here?

Tohka: That’s my line! I am going to challenge you!

Date: My next opponent, eh?

date_vs_tohka_2_wmDate was keeping both of his arms closed. He was serious thinking that the opponent wants him something.

Tohka: Are you still waiting for somebody besides of me?

Date: Nothing… I am waiting for nobody.

Suddenly, Tohka attacks from behind, thus challenging Date into a fight.

Date: I haven’t heard about you. But you are nothing compared to Sanada Yukimura.

Tohka: Shut up! You don’t really know how powerful my skills are!

Date: Tch! Very arrogant lady. By the way, where are you from?

Tohka: There is no need for you to know!


She was aggressively attacking Date, but none of her attacks were able to scratch him. He was just only defending on the other hand.

Date: Is that all you can do?

Tohka: Shut up! (keeps attacking)

Date: Don’t let your temper destroy you. It makes you a dirty fighter.


The battle was silenced for a moment and Tohka stopped attacking. She realized that her opponent was just defending.

Date: What do you want and what comes to your mind challenging me, huh?

Tohka: …

Date: So, are you releasing all of your aggression to somebody else? Have you done something wrong?

Tohka: … (silences again)

Date: If you keep yourself arrogant like that, then you are not worthy to be my opponent. That’s it… Simple, right?

Tohka: Ah, mou! It is not I am hot-tempered or something… I am just… talking… to you! (blushes)

Date: Nah, stop joking already. By the way, where are you from?

Tohka: Date A Live world…

Date: … Hmm… I don’t know that our worlds have been crossed like this.

Tohka: (points her weapon at him) I shall challenge you next time! (disappears)

Date: What a pain in the butt… standing in the place like this.



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