Nendoroid Romance Poster


This is my second work. This time, it is about romance! Whew, I liked romance-themed shows (even Anime) those days, like Da Capo for example.

This is the most simple work that I did so far. First, I just used a stock sky background image which I have found through Google Image search. Second, I just cut the image in half that I took and have its background image removed. And finally, I just used the color combination of fonts (gray, dark blue and black) and I only used one type of font for the text. Thanks to the Photoshop, I was able to create a heart frame at the title.

So what describes my fake movie poster now? Well… the poster describes the true love of the two (well the one was about to kiss her at the cheek). I can’t really describe what truly romance is and I am very weak to explain about it.


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