Fake magazine cover of Nendoroids and other figures

magazine1_wmThis is my first time in making this fake magazine cover. It took me about one and a half hour to do this. Well, not bad for a first timer like me.

How did I make this cover from scratch? Using Google Image Search as my guide, I look across the images for me to reference, whether it could be a Time Magazine, Playboy, Reader’s Digest, and so on. Instead of using the usual ‘template’ on the image search, I decided to create my own fake magazine cover with style.

I saw many designs to choose from. Using the Photoshop, I was able to choose the right color combination, fonts, and styles to create the magazine cover that I was picturing in my mind. Then, I put the two edited pictures (the Nendoroids) in the center of the canvas. And boom! It’s done! I have created my very first fake magazine cover.

Seeing those ‘fake’ magazine covers are inspirational and I was motivated to do this design that was pictured in my mind. Not bad for a first-timer, but I should need a lot of practice doing this kind of design.


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