My first fake movie poster of Nendoroids


This is my photoshopped version of the fake movie poster of my Nendos. This is what my imagination have outputted.

So how did I get this idea of making this one? First I researched through the net and I have found various things which relates to Nendoroid and other stuff. Well, I do really like Nendoroids and as well as doing photoshoot/photoshop of them. As I do this, I looked at the examples on how to create fake movie posters on the Internet. When I got that, I decided to do this thing.

Wait… looks like my explanation is out of order. Let me order this.

1. I have arranged my Nendos according to their poses, directions, etc.

I have arranged them in which accords to their poses, and so on. I have a hard time posing them so by looking at the picture and their references, I have created a group pic in which I got my imagination right. The arrangement of the Nendo figures goes right as I have expected.

2. Capturing the picture.

In this step, I have a hard time on this since for some reasons, I don’t have enough equipment for photography. The only way to get this done is by using a desk lamp with white light. I was able to capture the image/picture clearly even at night. The only thing to do is to adjust the range of the desk lamp by changing its range and angle. Well, since I don’t have my own camera for photography, I only used my tablet for photo capturing. After this, I copy my captured image to computer and edit it with Photoshop.

3. Editing the photo.

The third step is the photo editing. I change its brightness and contrast. I forgot to mention in the second step that the background area that I have captured the image should be all white. And that is used for background editing purposes. Removing the ‘white background’ is a tough job for me since I go around the image and I use the pen tool to trace down every corner and deleting the whites in it.

4. Publishing my work.

This is the final step in posting my edited fake movie poster.


So what describes my picture? It’s simple.

A group of Nendos coming from various worlds, dimensions, and timelines, has come together for battling the one common threat that threatens their own worlds.


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