My Year Ender Post

Before 2013 ends, I will try to make my resolution.

1. I will practice writing with this blog.

Starting at this date, I will try practicing writing in this blog to improve my communication skills. This will help me to improve also in my areas in which I can make in order to get a job. Finally, in order for me not to become lazy, I must do something that will make me busy. I will do something… busy.

2. I will post and share photos or other media to improve also my communication.

Sharing photos or other media helps me to spread information, but not all of the information. I know that some are private and confidential. Also, this will test my decision skills— to post or not to post some sensitive information.

3. I will find a job if I can.

As of now, I am still unemployed, but… I am now trying to improve my responsibilities. I know that my responsibilities are a requirement in finding a job, so I must do it so that I can have one.


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